Dory Raymond | Mutant: Memory | FC: Heather Morris

Dory. Oh, Dory. Forgetful, blonde, ditzy. She’s that cheerleader that every guy wants and every girl laughs at. She doesn’t mean to be so forgetful. It isn’t her fault yesterday’s homework no longer exists in her mind. Though while her memories slowly fade, she collects everyone else’s. Maybe it could be called compelling, though she can’t influence you to do anything other simply forget. Dory is a good enough person not to simply steal your memories. She helps you forget the painful things. The death, the break-ups, the sickness. In the blink of an eye, she will take your memory into her own mind and keep it there if you were to ever miss it. This is why her memories seem to fade so quickly. To make room for the ones she takes from the other’s shoulders. Dory is, as you can see, very compassionate. She’s very naive in that sense and can come off as uneducated at times. Her mood is subject to change very quickly, especially when taking on sad memories that don’t want to be remembered. They can become too much at times and she takes it upon herself to deal with them. 

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Where Dreams Come True.

OPENED APRIL 20TH. The small town of Disney is not very well known. Then again, being tucked away in the corner of Maine is granted to keep anyone hidden. Though I'm sure you've never heard of it, am I right? Of course you haven't. You were never supposed to. The people in the little town of Disney were never supposed to be known outside of the confines of the small little town on the beaches of Maine. The things that go on there have been disclosed by the government in fear of the uprisings they would bring. It isn't anything illegal, and it isn't anything that the natives can control. These things are genetic. Mutations, if you will. Not everyone has them, though the ones who do have been completely forgotten by U.S. officials. There aren't supposed to be such abnormal beings in this country. In this world. And to be honest, the little town of Disney has forgotten about everyone else. They don't matter. They don't care.  Enchantments